Hi there! It's good to see you here :). Most of the models are probably very curious about the person with who they are probably going to work with. Although, that is what I understood from most of the models I worked with. Anyway, let me drop some information about me over here. Then you have a slight idea with who you are dealing with.

Things like stress, pressure and deadlines are words ignored by me. I take my time for everything. Perhaps the best way to put it, is as a model once described me: layed-back, relaxed and easy going.
I am open to suggestions, can do a lot of improvisations while working on a predefined concept and I'm practically always working without a tight planning (which is why you best reserve enough time for a shoot :P).

Since the dawn of my existence, I've been a dreamer. There is a whole other dimension in my mind, a place to escape to when my thoughts have dimmed a bit in the gray shadows of todays reality. And I love to share that world with others. I use my photography as a medium to that end; consider it to be a window to my world.

I got my first own camera when I was 15 years old. Back then I focused on black/white photography (all analogue, as digital didn't exist back then) of landscapes. Besides that, I also happened to do a lot of painting (of surrealistic realms and landscapes).
When the digital revolution began, I got my hands on my first digital camera (a Canon 300D) and a little while later I learned about Adobe Photoshop, where my painting skills came in very handy.



Got my first digital photocamera (Canon 300D) and started with model photography.


Became active on various online platforms for Model Photography, got to learn about the world of model photography. I spent time with some of the national amazing professional photographers and learned much of them.


Started my own website ( and became very active on various model platforms (as a mentor, guide and moderator).


Started doing workshops and commercial assignments in model photography, as more and more people requested this. Although it was fun, I stopped doing it in 2012 as my free time was very limited and those activities were less entertaining for me.


Started with the large Liquid Latex project, which still is active these days! The project pulled models from various countries, a thing I am still very proud of today.


A year of other priorities! I didn't do any shoots anymore. But in the first half of 2015, it started itching again and I got back at model photography.


Picked up the Liquid Latex project again. I also started the Sensuals project and wanted to spend more time on that. And with a few more side projects going, it came to my finding that I was more focuses on special genres. Thus I finally decided to put an end to "" in december 2017.


Gave birth to "". Over the last years, the name "tensive" was hardly used anymore and became an element in some forgotten abyss. As I grew more into specific styles, I decided to go with a new 'brand'. Thus, ArtDome came to life. Still the same person but now with a stricter style.