It's glamour. But then more focused on the sensual part. In general, the Sensuals project contains nude elements. I like to work with indicative nudes, which means: you are nude in front of the camera but you won't see it on the photo. Important elements are curves, created by the lines of the bottoms and breasts. But I don't want the private parts visible, so those will be covered in the shadows, cloths or blur effects.
Also, each sensual session starts off with lingerie. If you would like to participate but you don't have any nice lingerie, then let me know up front. We can work something out with other textiles at the start then.


Self esteem and self respect! That's the key part of the whole story. Without it, the photos will end up into failures. You have to be satisfied with yourself and if you can show that on the photo, that's just awesome. It's like a sex appeal: a way of radiating confidence about yourself, which attracts others. That is what I need for these (and all other) photos.
Second, make sure you are familiar with nude photography. Although we won't do nudes only, we will use nude elements. If you have never done nudes you might end up a bit insecure and/or 'closed' on the photo. That would be a waste of my time and efforts, so make sure you have experience with it.


Well, in theory just everyone. As long as you can meet the requirements as defined above, you are just welcome as everyone else. Bodyshape, size or age don't matter!
Please note that if you have a lot of tattoos or your whole body has been covered with piercings, you might be harder to depict the concept of this Sensual project. It is possible that I will deny a collaboration then. But hey, just give it a try if you think you are up to it :).