Most of my projects are on TFP base and are still open for new materials. Any model interested in participating in one of my projects can file a request using the contact form.
In general I am looking for models with strong expressions and well presented appearance. Age is of no concern, although the minimum age for my project is 18 years. Also the bodyshape doesn't matter; big size women can be great models with strong expressions, too.

If you want to know which projects are open for TFP collaborations, have a look below.

★ Liquid Latex ★
☆ Sensuals ☆
★ Uncolored ★
☆ Fieryness ☆

In case you have concepts of your own and you think my style would be a fine addition to it, just let me know! I'm open for ideas, as long as they fit in the artistic scenery.

When working on TFP, there are a few conditions to be met in order to collaborate. Below are the things you have to reckon with when working with me.

○○○ NO FUR: I am not a fashion photographer and I despise the use of real fur ○○○
○○○ NO REFUND of traveling expenses on TFP ○○○
○○○ QUANTITY photos on average per shoot: 6 - 10 photos (webformats and high resolutions) ○○○
○○○ DURANCE processing: 6 - 8 weeks on average ○○○